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Tired of feeling out of sync in workplaces rife with bias and inaccessibility, entrepreneurs with disabilities are striking out on their own.

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I had the extreme pleasure of sitting down with Adam for his WorkLife podcast to talk about disability in the workplace.

We talked about my brain injury, how I hid my vestibular balance disorder at work, and how it ultimately led to me being fired.

This episode features Michelle Nario-Redmond, a social psychologist at Hiram College and a leading expert on ableism and Gil Winch, a leader who staffed his entire company with disabled people.

Everybody needs to listen to this episode, whether you're a leader, a disabled person, or just someone who wants to better understand the people around them

Is there a perfect age to be looking for your next career move? Is your perfectionism ruining your career? How do you make your internal sense of your professional identity match the external perception? There are ways to take the reins, be yourself at work, and create a career path you love.

Sarah Berthon interviews Jill Griffin about how she leverages her mindset to work with cognitive impairment from a TBI.

A epic conservation. I speak with Dr. Jennifer Blanchette about my experiences after a concussion, the lasting side effects and how I leveraged grit and belief in myself to recover and navigate my career.

Join Sheryl Goldstein, EVP, Chief Industry Growth Officer at IAB, Jill Griffin, Career Strategist & Executive Coach, Laurel Rossi, Chief Marketing Officer, Infillion, and Sarah-Jaana Nodell, Board Certified Patient Advocate, Health Administrator, and Disability Life Coach, as they discuss the false perceptions, judgements and most importantly, lack of understanding for people with invisible disabilities in the workplace.

In this episode with the #Betain Real Talks we're discussing mastering your mindset to make all things possible!

Women in Leadership (WIL) live interview. I'm on talking about how to balance work and life while living with a traumatic brain injury, how I processed getting fired, and finding career joy again.

A podcast created to shift the narrative around disability. We speak openly around what it means to have a disability, and what it doesn't mean. By sharing our stories, we hope to influence thought leaders, companies, and help empower people with a disability and the professionals who work with them.


I'm sharing my story and giving a glimpse of what it means to live with a chronic condition that affects every aspect of my life. In spite of the challenges, I continues to wake up each day ready to make a difference in the lives of my clients and colleagues.

Work-life balance is important for all of us, but especially for anyone living with an invisible disability or undiagnosed disability. How can we foster balance in our workplace and persona life? We spoke with Jill D. Griffin about why it's so essential and just how to achieve balance. Post Here.