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Hi, I’m Jill D. Griffin
Strategist & Executive Coach

My executive career coaching, strategy and innovation has generated multi-millions in revenue for the world's largest agencies, start-ups and well-known brands. I've helped hundreds of high achievers like you manage imposter syndrome, amplify strengths, increase visibility, change careers, land dream job, reframe career stories AND navigate challenging environments all while maintaining their well-being.




It starts with mindset.

I promise you that change is possible.

You can fix this where you are, or you can find a new job.

But, I don't want you to make changes until you refresh your mindset.

Changing your zip code won’t make all of your problems - or your thoughts go away. 

You wouldn't move to a new home and bring your dust bunnies with you.

You have to fix the foundation of how your mind is wired or the same challenges will follow you wherever you go.

I am not rewriting your resume. I am showing you how to reset and refresh your mind so you can create the results you want in your career and life!

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Whether you’re a Senior Manager in Tech, SVP in Marketing, Sales Manager,  VP in Finance, Brand Director, or a Health Provider...I’ve got you covered. 

it doesn’t matter if you're brand new in your position, or if you’re looking to move to the next level in your seasoned career… if you’re wondering,  “Why does everything feel so off?”

I know what thoughts are swirling through your mind:

  • You have a decent job, but yet, you still find yourself striving for the next shiny opportunity — a promotion or job change — something that feels more fulfilling, exciting, or a position that feels more aligned to your long-term goals.
  • You’re a high achiever. From the outside looking in, things are great. You’ve worked your way into a position you’ve always dreamed of, but something just doesn’t feel right. 
  • You think, Who am I to complain? You feel guilty that you’re not satisfied with your career — a career that you know so many others would die for.
  • You’re thinking, planning, networking, and hustling around your next steps but you have nothing to show for it except exhaustion.

So many of my clients come to me feeling a deep sense that something is missing from their careers, and they think that if they just change companies, switch professions, or put their head down and continue to hustle, they’ll one day find what they’re looking for.

But they don’t.

You see, until you bust through your B.S. (belief systems) blocks, I could serve you the perfect career on a silver platter and you would still be hungry for something else. 

If you’re ready to feel satisfied with what’s on your plate and see the full buffet of possibilities right in front of you then your seat is saved at my table. 


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