The 3 B.S. (Belief System) Blocks Between You and Your Next Level Career

(...and it has nothing to do with polishing up your resume, getting a new boss, or quitting your job)


“Jill has that rare combo of brilliance in both subject matter and ability to help others achieve. As a coach, she's thoughtful, compassionate, and insightful and I feel lucky to have her in my corner as I launch a new venture.”

Lizzy Klein Entrepreneur and Founder of mazi + zo


Whether you’re a Senior Manager in Tech, Senior Vice President in Marketing, Elected to Public Office, Vice President in Finance or a Brand Director...

Results so good, you’ll go from over achieving and under earning to increasing your executive presence, knowing your strengths and leveraging them to create a new leadership culture of confidence for yourself and your team.  

Imagine stepping confidently into your new leadership role and knowing the value proposition you bring to any situation. 

You can leverage your influence to create more impact with your executive leadership team and clients. I’m sure you could get used to opening up Zoom radiating with confidence, feeling decisive and like you are owning the space you were meant to lead. 

Would you give yourself that opportunity?

(... or would you rather)

  • Hope that someday you’ll really appreciate your seemingly perfect job that you’ve been working toward your entire career?

  • Mumble, “Dammit how do I get fast tracked for promotion— and get on the radar of leadership?!”

  • Wonder if there’s some secret qualification you’re missing that signals to the executives that you’re not ready to be promoted, or worse getting the promotion, and not even feeling satisfied. 

  • Search LinkedIn during your downtime thinking if you could just find a different opportunity you'd feel better about your career?

  • Spin on how to fill the gaps of my career story

  • Hustle harder than ever before and then be taken aback when your health suddenly starts to fall apart 

  • Keep putting your job before the people you love the most and then worry what’s wrong when they start to pull away from you

It doesn’t matter if you're brand new in your position, or if you’re looking to move to the next level in your seasoned career… if you’re thinking... 

“If only I could up-level, innovate and feel excited again about my leadership role while making a real difference— things would be so much easier!” 

… then having me in your corner as your B.S. Busting Coach is the fast path to getting the results you’ve secretly been wishing for, so you have options based on your personal strengths and see all the possibilities when it comes to future-proofing your career.

Step into your future self… 

Where your thoughts + strengths have the power to skyrocket your career to new heights and bring you the deep satisfaction you’ve been craving. 


“Who’s this Jill woman with her crystal ball telling me about my future and what does she know about my strengths?”

Hi — I’m Jill Griffin (AKA the B.S. Busting Coach and Your Personal Success Secret Weapon)

And here’s my promise to you…

I help high achievers like you. Fix your career OR figure out what's next with my proven B.S. Busting Method. 

Unlike most coaches, I’ve been there.

I have led teams.

My strategy and innovation made multi-millions for the world's largest agencies and well-known brands including: Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Samsung, Mondelez, and Honda.

I know how to work with the thought leaders on these teams to create repeated and consistent results. 

Working with global entities means we were bought, sold, and merged.

I managed my mind through never-ending uncertainty and eventually led teams who were experiencing the same level of uncertainty and we still delivered. 

I’ve been fired.

More than once.

I know how it sucks and I learned how to manage my mind and network my face off so I could bounce back bigger and better than where I was dropped off. 

Working at start-ups gave me the opportunity to lead the way from the messy middle to setting the team up for success to being acquired and raising funds.

I know how to blend cultures and help people feel understood while up-leveling their performance in a volatile environment. 

Career coaching isn’t reserved for the ultra senior executives. Waiting for your company to invest in you is part of a belief system that is holding you back. 

And I’m not talking about getting management foundations, effective feedback training, or delivering annual reviews— that’s not what will take you to the next level. 

Instead, I will show you how to manage your own mind and assess simple beliefs like making an investment in yourself.

These decisions are part of a much larger belief system that you have to bust through, plus we’ll make an action plan that will move you forward. 

As a Career Coach and a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, I'll help you get clear on your strengths, skills, and values so that you have a unique No B.S. Blueprint for navigating your career.

If you want to get started, like yesterday, schedule a free consultation and let's see what's possible for you.

I am not rewriting your resume.

We are rewiring your mind so you create the results you want in your career...and life.

Ready to up-level your leadership skills at your company?