Learn the Strategies to Reboot Your Career

(and it has nothing to do with getting a new boss or job)

I've helped hundreds of anxious achievers manage imposter syndrome, increase confidence, amplify their strengths, increase visibility, up-level their careers, and navigate challenging environments.

You want to make a change but where do you even start?

Do you find yourself:

  • Wondering why you feel unhappy with the seemingly perfect job that you’ve been working toward your entire career?
  • Not raising your hand for opportunities because you are not sure how to translate your strengths in the current environment?
  • Wanting to up-level your career but everything you try brings you the same unwanted or blah results?
  • Finally getting the promotion and you're totally numb?
  • Searching LinkedIn during your downtime thinking if you could just find a different opportunity you'd feel better about your career?
  • Unsure how to tell your career narrative?
  • Hustling and now your health and relationships are starting to suffer?

If you’re considering leaving your current position or even profession, remember this:

You can change everything about your career...

But if you don't change your thoughts and know your strengths, you'll end up with the same results.

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It's nothing short of life changing to understand that what you do is ultimately driven by your thoughts + strengths.

But the problem is, what you think right now doesn’t reflect who you want to be in the future. And you don't know how to amplify your strengths to maximize your performance.

I can help you change that.

Your thoughts + strengths have the power to change your career. Let’s reframe the way you envision the evolution of your career...and life.


Hi — I’m Jill Griffin. I coach professionals are unsatisfied in their career. I'll help you fix it OR figure out what's next. 

As a career coach and business strategist who works with start-ups, brands, and businesses, I have the profound pleasure of coaching hundreds of clients and peers to achieve their personal and professional goals. I help them rethink and rewrite their future.

There is a gap in career coaching services. Many career services focus on one half of the problem. They either focus on mindset or getting into action. I believe without investigating your mind you will not make sustainable changes to propel you into action. And without action, we don't grow and achieve our results. Both sides need to be addressed.

My work teaches that both Mindset and Method are vital to making the changes you want in your career. We'll look at the beliefs that are holding you back, plus we'll make an action plan to move yourself forward. As a Certified Career Coach and a Gallup Trained Strengths Coach, I'll help you get clear on your strengths, skills, and values so that you have a unique blueprint for navigating your career. If this sounds interesting and you want to see if it's a fit, schedule a free consultation and let's see what's possible for you.

I am not rewriting your resume.

We are rewiring you so you get create the results you want in your career..and life.  

Will you be next?