The Stress of Yes

Do you say YES to everything? 

YES, I’ll be there. 

YES, I’ll do it. 

YES, I can stay late. 

YES, I’ll get it done.

YES, I can cancel my plans. 

The YES, can kill you: the added stress and pressure.

The delayed resentment. The clash of wills.

It causes internal friction. Maybe even bitterness towards to person or event you said YES to.

Feeling resentment is definitely not a ‘favorite thing.’

A tightness in the chest. 

Maybe a wave of nausea. 

Saying yes when you want to say no causes resentment.

Give it attention and the sensation will dissipate. It will pass. 

Ignore it, an resentment can linger. Resentment breaks down to re-sentiment. To re-feel. Do you want to keep re-feeling the negative feelings? 

Sometimes saying YES is the best response for the situation. 

But you needed to check your motives. 

Are you saying YES because you want to be liked or accepted? People pleasing alert!

Are you the first to say YES, thereby blocking opportunity for your co-workers? 

Or are you saying YES because you’re genuinely the best person for the task?

Think about the results you want and decide if you want to say yes. 

Saying NO may feel comfortable but I’d rather be uncomfortable than resentful. 

Mindset shifts. Careers advance. Life opens up. It’s all possible.⁣⁣

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