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The program starts Wednesday, September 14th, at 5 PM ET. 

You’re good at what you do.

Yet you find yourself tasked with a lot of things that were never part of your career plan.

You wonder if this is just how it is for everyone - or is there another way to build a great career?

I want you to know - there IS another way.

And you deserve a career that’s:



Without feeling stressed or anxious every day.



Without burning out and having to run for the hills the minute the 6-month “Honeymoon Phase” is over.



Without feeling guilty or unsure of how to ask for that raise or promotion you know you deserve.

Is That Too Much To Ask?

 You're Not Alone.

Based on Our Research Here's What We Found.


“Less than 50% of employees trust their companies.”

Harvard Business Review


"Only 32 percent of workers said they were ‘completely satisfied’ with the amount of on-the-job stress they face.”

2021 Gallup Survey


“Only 38 percent were satisfied by their pay.”

2021 Gallup Survey

It's no wonder that so many smart career-driven people are questioning their work choices, which often leads to a...

Career Identity Crisis

This crisis arises when you've worked hard to gain experience and skill to do great work, only to be overwhelmed and feel unfulfilled when you finally get the coveted position.

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Symptoms Include:

  • Struggling to understand why you’re secretly miserable in a job that, on paper, checks all the boxes.
  • Constantly job-seeking, hoping this will be “the one” where you’re finally seen, valued and promoted for your talents.
  • Feeling lost because none of the opportunities you’ve been given seem to fill this gaping career-shaped hole, and you’re always left wondering, “is this it?
  • Experiencing confusion about how to best network internally, so you are considered for the next big opportunity.
  • Riding the daily emotional rollercoaster from “wow, I love my job!” at 9 am to “get me out of here!” by the end of the day.

But don’t worry, the prognosis for a career you feel great about is good...

On the other side of every good identity crisis is clarity, direction, and the possibility of a totally different life. 

You just need someone to help get you there. 

Enter Me, Jill Griffin.

The person who will help you get out of this identity crisis without quitting everything

I'm your Multiple Award-Winning Career Strategist and B.S. - Free Executive Coach

I have a lifetime of experience in some of the biggest companies in the world like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Martha Stewart, and Samsung.


I love my career now, but it took my own crisis to get here... 

Just as my career was taking off, I had an accident that left me with a brain injury and cognitive impairment, making what I once excelled at - feel nearly impossible. 

Determined to not let that stop me, I took matters into my own hands, working with my brain injury and leaning into my strengths.

I used everything I learned to design the blueprint this whole program is based on and help hundreds of clients design and own their career trajectory to have a fulfilling and purposeful career.

All that to say, I’ve not only survived a brain injury, I’ve been in the arena; hiring, firing, managing, and winning with a team - not just watching from the sidelines.

And, yeah, in the process I’ve also sat across the table from former President Barack Obama and Oprah herself.


Serving Clients at:

Her openness and dedication to me… improved so many aspects of not only my work-life, but also my personal-life.

Jill was one of few female leaders in media when I started in the industry.  She was a role model then, and is even more so now after getting to work with her as a career coach.

Jill helped me navigate the complexities of working with a family start-up, immediately identified all the thought errors that were limiting me, and asked hard & insightful questions to help me reframe them.  Her openness and dedication to me as a coaching client improved so many aspects of not only my work-life, but also my personal-life.  Simply put, Jill is the best!”

-Laurie Feld, CMO at Fresh Patch

Jill stands out as being one of those people that you meet during your career that leaves a lasting favorable impression.

I have learned so much from Jill from leadership skills to creating strong internal and external relationships. Jill is extremely easy to work with and an amazing mentor. She always knows how to make you feel better and is great at coaching you through tough situations. I would recommend Jill to any company, team and client. I can’t say enough about her and how amazing she truly is.”

— Lauren Wormser, Partner, Communications Planning Director at MediaCom

Jill is an absolute joy to talk to, confide in, and take risks with.

I've known Jill for years via our respective roles in the media industry and she was always the consummate professional that balanced knowledge, leadership, and insight with warmth and curiosity.

I recently started working with Jill in her career coaching capacity and was simply blown away. Her balance of insightful personal exploration, mindfulness, and her own personal/professional journey was instrumental in changing how I approach my career, values, and overall satisfaction. Jill is an absolute joy to talk to, confide in, and take risks with."

-Sky Holden, Vertical Manager, Global Business Solutions, TikTok

Rare combo of brilliance in both subject matter and ability to help others achieve. 

Jill has that rare combo of brilliance in both subject matter and ability to help others achieve. As a coach, she's thoughtful, compassionate, and insightful and I feel lucky to have her in my corner as I launch a new venture.”

-Lizzy Klein, Entrepreneur and Founder of mazi + zo

And now you can have me in your back pocket as you navigate the corporate battlegrounds in…

Amplify Your Strengths

Be confident and Clear No Matter Where You Work

A 8-week group coaching program with live sessions and video training for those ready to ready to create fresh clarity on your career goals, own your genius and feel more confident at work by leveraging your true strengths.

You’ll be able to:

Maximize Your Results

By developing a better understanding of yourself and your reactions, leaving reactivity and emotional volatility behind. 

Own Your Genius

In any situation, relationships, or conversation and nail every interview and presentation with a sense of knowing that oozes out of you.

Break Through

Tap into your confidence to think and act for yourself without second-guessing...

Amplify Your Strengths isn’t based on arbitrary steps. 

It’s based on my foundational framework with principles that will serve you for life.…

Your Career Strategy Blueprint

Venn Diagram AYS page (2)

1. Your Career Identity

The antithesis of the Career Identity Crisis - because who needs more ambiguity and uncertainty in their life? (Answer: no one) 

Together, we’ll develop your sense of self in your personal and career life and leverage your Gallup Strengths to understand your reactions, decision-making tendencies, skills, and talents - like the Tarot card reading of your corporate future.

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • Your Skills that are worth declaring and developing (so you can pursue the ones that motivate and energize you - instead of drain you and lead to burnout.)
  • Your Values and Rules of Reciprocation, in order to know if you’re in alignment with your team and desired position or not (so you know when to let things go, when to stand your ground, and when to look outside your job for what you need.)
  • The Belief Systems that are wreaking havoc on your mental and emotional health day to day, like people pleasing, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome, and what to do about them (so you can acknowledge and neutralize the worst offenders.)



2. Talents in Action

Okay, you know your Strengths, experiences and innate talents… Now what?

Through the weekly modules, group sessions and direct feedback loop, you’ll put those hard and soft skills to work to position yourself as the perfect-fit candidate for the job you want and navigate the trajectory you’ve designed.

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • Your Unique Purpose in a career or position that motivates you and fuels joy, based on your Career Identity (so you can finally choose for yourself who you are and what your expertise is - instead of letting others decide for you.)
  • The Career Stories (and story banks) that speak to your talents and allow others to understand how you fit in and serve the mission (and providing evidence for what you’re capable of achieving - whether you see it or not.)
  • How to Articulate your Talents in a forward-thinking, results-oriented way (in order to develop your executive presence, form the relationships you need to feel secure in your position, speak up and be heard.)



3. Safe Exploration

Surprise, surprise, we’re not out for blood here.

This might be the safest place on the internet for you aside from maybe your online therapy session (which this is not.) Leave the drama at the “office” (or your last performance review over Zoom) and explore your new Career Identity in a safe space just for you with the community support you actually need. 

You’ll walk away with:

  • Safety In The Now as you unravel all that isn’t serving you, starting wherever you are (so you can start from a clean foundation, come out of reactive thinking, and decompress from the battle of survival.)
  • Safety In The New as you explore the possibilities of what (and who you) could be and who you could be (so you can come from a sense of knowing and confidence in your decisions.) 
  • Safety In What’s Next as you realistically navigate your future opportunities, positions, and peers (without fearing you might lose your current position or be “ousted” because of your needs.)

Go From Wondering “Is This It?”

 To Owning Your Genius And Claiming Your Career Trajectory.

Develop the confidence you need to secure your future with a job that reflects not just your skills - but also who you are.

What’s Included When You Join Amplify Your Strengths:


Gallup® Cliftonstrengths34 Analysis 


Secure And Interactive Client Portal


10 Modules And Video Lessons


In Between Session Support Community via Secure Portal


Weekly Live Calls With Jill (and the recordings)


Downloadable Worksheets and Resources

BONUS: YouMap Assessment


Get a customized database of jobs that match you, based specifically on your Gallup Strengths, skills, and talents. Whether you want to change jobs or not, having this information will help you create the best experience of work whatever job you are in.

This doesn't have to be about finding a new job or career.

Many of my clients stay at their same company and increase their career well-being right where they are.

It's about you feeling full agency and confidence to build a career that feels excellent to you wherever you are.

What you really get access to

30+ years of real, boots-on-the-ground experience

100s of connections in my vast & network. 

9 Industry Honors & Awards for excellence

9 Certifications to pull knowledge from

100s of successful clients

The Support & Community you really need

Total Value: Priceless

Your Price: $2,997

Your Questions Answered

Great question, I love an action taker!

As soon as you sign up you get access to the first module and find out your Gallup Strengths immediately.

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We spend 35% of our waking hours working…


(and let's be honest, when you are career-driven, that number can easily creep up)


How do you want to spend your 35%?

Constantly waiting for the weekend so you can start your ‘real life’?

Or enjoying that 35% of your time in a career that’s fulfilling, rewarding, and *gasp* enjoyable…

So you don’t spend the other 65% of your time recovering from that 35%.

The choice is yours