Isn't reserved for ultra senior executives.
Design Your Career Strategy and take Ownership of your career path.


sound like you?

One day I'll appreciate my "perfect" job, the one I've worked toward my whole career.

How do I fast track for higher-level opportunities?

Another opportunity will help me feel better in my career.

Hustling harder at the expense of my health.

I like my  company and I don't want to leave. But I can't seem to get noticed for my great work. I wonder, what's it going to take?

Putting my job before people I love and worry that my relationships are strained.



I can help you... 

create a strategy.

manage your mind.

bust through limiting beliefs.

create an action plan.

drive forward.



Career Strategy & Executive Coaching Program



One-on-one coaching sessions via Zoom.

Analysis of your Strengths - and how to apply your uniqueness to get results.

Guidance and strategic input.

A No B.S. Career Strategy to create and navigate what's next.

Daily practices to manage your mind + templates so you'll never be at a loss for words.

What'sApp, Voxer, and email support between sessions.

Over 100 videos and worksheets to get you into action.


Evaluate where you've been and set a vision and strategy for where you want to go.

Determine your values and how to use them as guiding principles.

Get clear on skills and how to use them.

Define steps you'll take to get what you want.

Identify thinking that keeps you stuck and get unstuck.

Strategize your approach to meetings, presentations, and important conversations.

Strategies and talking points for your negotiations.

An upgraded resume and LinkedIn profile that aligns with where you want to go next.


You'll walk away knowing:

Skills that are worth declaring and developing.

Your Values and Rules of Reciprocation, in order to know if you’re in alignment with your team and desired position.

The Belief Systems that are wreaking havoc on your mental and emotional health and what to do about them.

Your Unique Purpose in a career or position that motivates you and fuels joy, based on your Career Identity.

The Career Stories (and story banks) that speak to your talents and allow others to understand how you fit in and serve the mission.

Stories to showcase how your skills are repeatable, scaleable, and transferable.

How to Articulate your Talents in a forward-thinking, results-oriented way. 

Safety as you unravel all that isn’t serving you, starting wherever you are and as you realistically navigate your future opportunities, positions, and peers.

Ready to be the leader everyone is talking about?

What my clients say about working with me:

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions.
I've got answers.

Are you feeling unhappy or unfulfilled? If you can answer yes, then the answer to your question is right now.

Coaching isn’t counseling. You don’t need to wait until something horrible or completely overwhelming happens to start a coaching relationship. You simply need to be ready to put in the effort to make changes in your life if you’re interested in being guided by a coach.

Are you a high achiever who simply isn’t satisfied with the success you’ve attained? Do you feel guilty wanting more from your work and your life, even if you seem to have it all from an outside perspective?

Are you wishing for a promotion, seeking out new career opportunities elsewhere, or generally feeling as if you want to leave your current position?

Do you sense that you’re underemployed? Do you feel your skills are being unappreciated? Does it seem as if your colleagues are advancing in their careers in a much faster way than you are?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you may want to consider coaching. I can help you determine how to move forward regardless of which of the above scenarios you identify with most.

You bet. My clients come from all walks of life and live all over the world. Just as there are no geographical solutions for your career, there are also no geographical restrictions for working with me.

Well, besides my multifaceted professional experience I also have the personal experience of practicing mind management through the course of my own career. And, as any mindful individual will tell you, there’s no “graduating” when it comes to mindfulness.

I do the work, too. I practice what I preach.

Mind-management tools are part of my daily practice. I’m the coach who has been there, and I’m eager to show you the tools that helped me live in possibility and create the career of my choosing.

This isn't about you taking a personality assessment or completing one singular worksheet that enables you to find your purpose overnight.

If it were that simple you wouldn't need to work with me.

During our time together, we’ll unravel old thought patterns, rewrite your career story, and create an action plan to set you on the right direction. It will take work, adjusting, and you’ll walk away from our working relationship with all the skills you need to practice mind management in all aspects of your life.

Your best thinking got you to where you are today. You need new beliefs in order to fully realize your dreams or purpose.

But first, you need to be clear about how you want to feel in the future.

Because if you create what you want from your current belief system, your mind isn’t going to believe it, and you’ll be in a super-fun state of cognitive dissonance. You'll be forcing and pushing new beliefs on yourself but your new beliefs won't be integrated into your reality.

We’ll work together to create those beliefs and bring you to the next level you’ve been hoping for.

Great question. Besides mind work, if you are looking to secure your next opportunity, we’ll review and provide guidance so you can update your resume and cover letter, perfect your pitch, and ensure your LinkedIn profile is targeted toward the opportunities you are seeking. We will also design a networking action plan, and prepare for upcoming interviews including discussing questions to ask and answer to ensure you are on your game.



in my consulting experience?

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