When success feels impossible

Success is hard. 

That’s a thought. 

A choice. 

Why do we think success is hard? 

Because of our thoughts. 💥

Then we beat ourselves up for our thoughts. 

Then we have feelings because of our thoughts. 

You create what is possible in your career.

Don’t be in such a rush to get there because it’s not better there. 

I know. You want to argue with me and tell me it’s better THERE. 

It’s not. You take your brain, your feelings, and your thoughts with you. 

It’s a brain twist.🧠

⭐️ Create the thought now. ⭐️

⭐️ Create the feeling now. ⭐️

Rehearse the possibility of your success now in your mind, practice the feelings you want to feel. 

The brain gets used to those thoughts and feelings and stops sending alarms of discomfort. 

Live the feeling long enough, and the brain relaxes and allows it. 

It’s not better THERE because the brain doesn’t know the difference where it is 😎

There are no geographical solutions.

You figure out how to get there by attempting to get there.

To figure out the HOW of success means creating success. 

You only know how to do it because you did it. 

Please don’t wait for someone to tell you their HOW. 

There will be elements of their HOW that will work for you. Great. But not all of their HOW will work for you. Because you are not them.    

CREATE your own HOW. 

Practice your thoughts until you are a success.  

You got this. 

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