Some Days Suck – What to Do About Them

Some days suck. They just do. 

Some days, I want to shut down the Zoom Camera. 

In the Before Times, I definitely used the bathroom stall as a fort to shield my emotion.

We’ve all been there. 

Our chest tightens. 

Or we start to sweat. 

Or we feel a heavy sensation in our stomach.  

And the feeling would be a distraction. 

It impacted my thinking and my ability to get my work done. 

Try writing strategy when you are feeling doubtful about a previous conversation. 

What just happened? I was just fine and now I am in SuckVille.

This was fascinating and infuriating. 

I got curious. 

Avoiding the suck is like trying to hold a beach ball underwater. 

It’s almost impossible to keep it there. 

The sucky feeling needs to be felt.  

So how do you do this when you notice some of your days suck? 

Notice where you feel the suck in your body. 

Identifying where I feel it helps me allow the feeling. The vibration passes. There isn’t anything to fear. 

Feelings or emotions aren’t good or bad. They are just vibrations in our body due to our thoughts. Simply put, the thought causes a chemical reaction and we experience a feeling or vibration in our body. 

When I resist the feeling, I have found that I end up wanting to numb out—too much screen time, food, or drink. 

It is so much easier for me to feel the feeling and get curious about what thought is causing the feeling.

I learned how to investigate the chatter in my head. Then I either coach myself or get my face coached off in order to process it. 

Most of us weren’t taught how to feel our feelings, so we end up fearing them. 

When I began to realize the worst thing I can feel is a vibration, it’s now kinda funny to be so afraid of it. 

It’s ok to have it suck. It’s ok to be a mess. It’s ok to feel. It’s all temporary. 

Discomfort has helped me evolve. There’s no way I’d have the career I do if I didn’t lean into the discomfort. The worst thing that can happen to me today is a feeling. Now I can process the feeling and move forward.  

Life opens up. Healing happens. Careers advance. It’s all possible.

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