Feel bad at work? Ditch the overconsumption, focus on mindset.

Careers are 50/50. Life is 50/50. It’s normal to cycle through both good and bad feelings.

So many of my clients tell me they’ve spent years forcing themselves to be and stay happy. They have a great career. A strong resumé. They feel they shouldn’t complain.

But they let ambition turn to expectancy and resent aspects of their work. They push feelings away and stay busy.

They resist the other side of work, which is the reality that sometimes we are going to feel bad. And that’s ok.

When we refuse to feel bad, we are resisting emotions.

Resistance is like a rubber band. It can only stretch so far before it snaps back. Keep resisting, and eventually, we will want to numb out with alcohol, food, social media, or our drug of choice.

It’s not surprising that many of my clients have shared they used to numb out rather than feel.

The next time you’ve OVER consumed, ask yourself what you are feeling. Find the thought that creates that feeling. Then decide if you want to change your thoughts.

It’s a simple checklist of Think. Feel. Do.

Feeling bad is normal. It’s part of the human experience. Mindset work helps you get curious and see how your thoughts are creating your results.

Healing starts. Life opens up. Careers advance. It’s all possible.

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