Wellbeing is a state of action.

If you could figure out how to manage your stress at work – your wellbeing, things would be different, right?

Stress always comes in two waves. 

There are stressors and then the stress response. 

Your body will take care of the stressor. 

But YOU have to process the stress response. 

Stressors are what activate the stress response in the body.

Stressors can be anything: thoughts, people, your environment.

A bully. A Boss. A deadline. An email. A social gathering.

When a stressor materializes, your body kicks in with a rapid and involuntary response – blood is pumped quickly to the heart and muscles, lungs take in more oxygen, and neurochemicals and hormones flush your system. 

You move. You outsmart. You outlast.

To deal with the stressor, your body’s non-urgent systems take a back seat to save your energy for defense. 

Have you ever experienced an intense argument and found that you are a bit shaky afterward? That’s the stress response that needs to cycle through your body.

When the threat is over, your body doesn’t know that it’s safe to function normally. Your body is still waiting for the signal that all’s clear; otherwise, the stress response keeps rolling. 

In the meantime, your body’s immune and digestive (to name two)– have slowed down to allow for the stress response. 

Remain under stress for weeks or even years, and the stress takes a toll on your body. On the benign side, you may feel run-down and get sick a lot. The constant flush of hormones and neurochemicals wreaks havoc on your body; anxiety, stress, and depression may occur. Your body needs to complete the stress cycle. 

There are two ways to complete the stress cycle.

  1. Mindset: questioning your thoughts, rebuilding beliefs, and practicing meditation are just a few of the mindset tools proven to help you complete the stress cycle.  
  2. Physical: exercise, walk, laugh, loving affection, creative expression, breath work, tense and release muscles allows the neurochemicals and hormones to flush from your body 

We need to address both the mindset and the physical impact to stay healthy. 

Wellbeing is a state of action. 

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