The Struggle Bus: Relief through meditation

The struggle bus.

I used to struggle with the hustle.

I used to find ways to MAKE it HAPPEN.

It was exhausting.

My relationships were strained.

I was told I was controlling and bossy.

It was all true.

And none of it was working for me.

I had the title, the awards, the accomplished resume.

But I was so out of sync with who I really was.

Not miserable, but loving and loathing my career. I was blaming the career.

Kind of hilarious when I look at it now.

A friend turned me onto meditation.

I practiced meditation. Things up-top got quite overtime. I then began to learn mind management skills.

The angst settled. The strive settled. Not the desired but the unnatural forcing started to fade.

And, when the angst rose back up again, I now had tools – on the go – to use to settle my mind. To avoid the struggle bus.

My mind got clear and quiet, my relationships improved, my career advanced.

People commented that I was…different…calmer…inspired.

Things became easier when I began to manage my mind. Meditation and Mindset.

Life Opens. Careers Advance. We get to be in grace and excellence. It is all possible.

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