The Mind Detox

You strengthen your body and cleanse your mind.

But maybe it’s time to look at the content, social media, and news you let in?

I used to lead the NY and LA office of one of the leading content agencies in the world. I am a proud content junkie. It’s definitely a dopamine hit for me. Still is. I can blink and binge an entire season of content in a sitting.

What I’ve learned is I need to be conscious about both the content and the time spent. 

I have goals I want to achieve and I found that binging makes me sleepy and lazy.  

Sometimes content binging left me feeling hungover. I was stressed out and lost sleep. 

I still binge on content but many of the shows I used to like I can’t stomach anymore. 

I’m on a different vibe now.

So I mix it up. I read a book (or two) a week, voraciously listen to audiobooks and podcasts–on 1.7 speed 🙂 and binge on various series but it’s planned. 

It’s conscious. And the filter of what works for me is much higher so I am a heck of a lot less anxious.

As we enter a new week what are you considering detoxing your mind from?

What new goals have you set for yourself? What’s on deck for your career this year?

Whether you want to move up, out, over, or fix it where you are right now, let’s talk. Schedule a free consultation where we will figure out what’s possible for you.