Hard is not an emergency

Hard is not an emergency – Jill Griffin Coaching

Change can be hard. Because you hate to be uncomfortable.  Building your career will include hustle, growth, excitement, and failure. At some point, we slide into complacency.  More change feels hard.  But getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is where you’ll find growth.  Your brain loves to stay safe. It wants to keep you comfortable and…

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Success expectancy sucks

Success expectancy sucks – Jill Griffin Coaching

Have you ever thought about success expectancy? Do you have expectations of how your success should look?  When you see others around you achieving their goals, you want to be happy for them, but there’s a small part of you that can’t help but wonder where your share of success is?  When you are working…

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When negative thoughts control your day.

Don't let your negative thoughts control your day – Jill Griffin Coaching

It’s so easy to get swept away by the stories you tell yourself – the negative thoughts.  You overthink. You play out scenarios.  You think about what you’ll say in the imaginary argument you’ve started in your brain.  You become engrossed in fantasies and how they will play out.  You’re all triggered up and the…

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What are you forgetting to remember?

Don't let your negative thoughts control your day. - Jill Griffin Coaching

You have a built in forgetter.  It’s true. We all do.  Everything can be smooth sailing.  Your thoughts are buoyant. You’re in the flow.  Suddenly, a new obstacle pops up and you’re confused. Maybe even a bit paralyzed as to what to do next.  It doesn’t matter you’ve done this before. You suddenly are overwhelmed.…

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The FASTEST way to change your thinking

Be ridiculous on purpose. Jill Griffin Coaching

Your subconscious is running 90% of your daily activities. This is awesome news when you don’t want to expend any energy relearning how to ride a bike.  Not so awesome when your thoughts are on repeat.  Churning out the same thoughts, getting you the same results.  The fastest way to change your results is to…

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The gift of a completed relationship

Completed relationships can be a gift - Jill Griffin

Knowing when to go in relationships can be a struggle.  Sometimes staying is the best opportunity for growth.  Other times, staying too long can be incredibly painful.  I know, I’ve done it.  We can appreciate the lesson and choose to view the relationship as a success.  Completed relationships can be gifts.  We get to look…

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Here’s how to always know what to do

How to always know what to do

What should I do about… the job?the client?the project?the opportunity? Ever ask yourself that question? Here’s how I always know what to do and it’s not because I know everything.  Before I decide what to do, I decide how I want to feel while taking action.   It’s not crazy. It’s how I create the results I…

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Your Thoughts Are Messing With Your Career

Your thoughts are messing with your career

First thing I like to do when working with a new client is to get a download of all the thoughts rattling around in their head.  Together we get really curious and examine their mind. We question everything. We question what we think is true. And we look at all their negative thoughts.  Usually, the…

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How to Create New Thoughts

how to create new thoughts

Very often clients ask me how to change their career trajectory. One of the ways is to create new thoughts. We have to create new thoughts we’ve never thought before in order to create a future we’ve never created before.  I spend some time doing what I’ll call ‘thought work’ to find the current thought that…

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How to Be Unstoppable

how to be unstoppable

Some days I think I’m unstoppable.  It’s like magic.  My heart feels open, expansive and I have so much appreciation for everything I’ve experienced.  Then, because my brain can be a jerk, I think that the ‘shoe is going to drop’ and I brace myself  for the emotional crash.  I’ve learned it’s not IF I…

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