Hard is not an emergency

Hard is not an emergency – Jill Griffin Coaching

Change can be hard. Because you hate to be uncomfortable.  Building your career will include hustle, growth, excitement, and failure. At some point, we slide into complacency.  More change feels hard.  But getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is where you’ll find growth.  Your brain loves to stay safe. It wants to keep you comfortable and…

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The Mind Detox

Is it time for a mind detox – Jill Griffin Coaching

You strengthen your body and cleanse your mind. But maybe it’s time to look at the content, social media, and news you let in? I used to lead the NY and LA office of one of the leading content agencies in the world. I am a proud content junkie. It’s definitely a dopamine hit for…

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Success expectancy sucks

Success expectancy sucks – Jill Griffin Coaching

Have you ever thought about success expectancy? Do you have expectations of how your success should look?  When you see others around you achieving their goals, you want to be happy for them, but there’s a small part of you that can’t help but wonder where your share of success is?  When you are working…

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When negative thoughts control your day.

Don't let your negative thoughts control your day – Jill Griffin Coaching

It’s so easy to get swept away by the stories you tell yourself – the negative thoughts.  You overthink. You play out scenarios.  You think about what you’ll say in the imaginary argument you’ve started in your brain.  You become engrossed in fantasies and how they will play out.  You’re all triggered up and the…

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Don’t bully your brain.

Don't bully your brain – Jill Griffin Coaching

Don’t bully your brain. You think you’d have less stress if you worked on a different account.   Or maybe you’d have less anxiety if you changed jobs?  You think finding another experience will change things. You think a different boss would make you feel better.  Nothing will make you feel better until you learn to…

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Wellbeing is a state of action.

Wellbeing is a state of action | Jill Griffin Coaching

If you could figure out how to manage your stress at work – your wellbeing, things would be different, right? Stress always comes in two waves.  There are stressors and then the stress response.  Your body will take care of the stressor.  But YOU have to process the stress response.  Stressors are what activate the…

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What are you forgetting to remember?

Don't let your negative thoughts control your day. - Jill Griffin Coaching

You have a built in forgetter.  It’s true. We all do.  Everything can be smooth sailing.  Your thoughts are buoyant. You’re in the flow.  Suddenly, a new obstacle pops up and you’re confused. Maybe even a bit paralyzed as to what to do next.  It doesn’t matter you’ve done this before. You suddenly are overwhelmed.…

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