The Mind Detox

Is it time for a mind detox – Jill Griffin Coaching

You strengthen your body and cleanse your mind. But maybe it’s time to look at the content, social media, and news you let in? I used to lead the NY and LA office of one of the leading content agencies in the world. I am a proud content junkie. It’s definitely a dopamine hit for…

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When negative thoughts control your day.

Don't let your negative thoughts control your day – Jill Griffin Coaching

It’s so easy to get swept away by the stories you tell yourself – the negative thoughts.  You overthink. You play out scenarios.  You think about what you’ll say in the imaginary argument you’ve started in your brain.  You become engrossed in fantasies and how they will play out.  You’re all triggered up and the…

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Don’t bully your brain.

Don't bully your brain – Jill Griffin Coaching

Don’t bully your brain. You think you’d have less stress if you worked on a different account.   Or maybe you’d have less anxiety if you changed jobs?  You think finding another experience will change things. You think a different boss would make you feel better.  Nothing will make you feel better until you learn to…

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The Stress of Yes

Do you want to be uncomfortable or resentful?

Do you say YES to everything?  YES, I’ll be there.  YES, I’ll do it.  YES, I can stay late.  YES, I’ll get it done. YES, I can cancel my plans.  The YES, can kill you: the added stress and pressure. The delayed resentment. The clash of wills. It causes internal friction. Maybe even bitterness towards to…

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Here’s how to always know what to do

How to always know what to do

What should I do about… the job?the client?the project?the opportunity? Ever ask yourself that question? Here’s how I always know what to do and it’s not because I know everything.  Before I decide what to do, I decide how I want to feel while taking action.   It’s not crazy. It’s how I create the results I…

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Why you need to build a self-concept

How to build your self concept

My mentor asked me what is my self-concept?  Then she suggested that I make it outrageous.  A self-concept is the way I see the world interacting with me AND the way I interact with the world.  What do you want to be, do, and have?  What is your dream career?  What impact do you want…

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When I’ll try means… maybe

I’ll try means... maybe.

I’ll try means… maybe. Do you often say…‘I was going to?’ I’ll try… If you use these phrases, check your intent.  I don’t mean you tried something and failed. That’s juicy. And you probably learned something from the try.  I mean try, as in, a maybe.  Maybe you thought you were, but you werent.  Because…

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Tips to manage anxiety

Here are some tips to deal with anxiety

As a clinical aromatherapist and a certified career coach I often blend (ha!) essential oils into my coaching work with clients. And here are some tips to deal with anxiety So many people suffer from anxiety.  First it’s important to investigate your thoughts and determine what is causing the anxiety. Thoughts and feelings are connected…

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Some Days Suck – What to Do About Them

what to do when your day sucks

Some days suck. They just do.  Some days, I want to shut down the Zoom Camera.  In the Before Times, I definitely used the bathroom stall as a fort to shield my emotion. We’ve all been there.  Our chest tightens.  Or we start to sweat.  Or we feel a heavy sensation in our stomach.   And…

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How to Change Your Mindset

Mindset is powerful. There is so much opportunity in this company. I gotta get out of this place.  Any of these thoughts sound familiar?  What if both statements are true? A statement can be true and so can the opposite.  I show my clients how to increase their paradox tolerance.  Because we can hold two contradictory…

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