Fear and excitement are the same thing.

Fear and excitement are the same thing – Jill Griffin Coaching

When you experience fear, your brain instructs the body to increase your breathing and heart rate, dilate your pupils, and make your palms sweaty. Surprisingly though, when you feel excitement, the brain triggers the same physiological reaction. Crazy, right? So what’s different? Your thoughts about the circumstance. When you are feeling excited it’s because of…

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Time Management: From Hell to Healthy

Small white alarm clock in a hand - time management - Jill Griffin Coaching

I didn’t always plan my week – time management wasn’t on my mind. As a corporate employee, it seemed IMPOSSIBLE to have control over my day. I didn’t start the day with any thoughtful intentions. The first thing I did was watch or listen to the News, scroll through social media, and quickly review email.…

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The Struggle Bus: Relief through meditation


The struggle bus. I used to struggle with the hustle. I used to find ways to MAKE it HAPPEN. It was exhausting. My relationships were strained. I was told I was controlling and bossy. It was all true. And none of it was working for me. I had the title, the awards, the accomplished resume.…

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