4 Steps to Cure the Imposter syndrome

imposter syndrome

My clients are achievers, but that doesn’t stop them from doubting their skills and being influenced by imposter syndrome. Some think everyone else is smarter. Others got the job but feared losing it because they are not qualified, and they’ll be ‘found out.’  Still, others have crippling anxiety every time they have to face a…

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How scent can help your mindset: the power of scent memory

Wild Flowers - Scent Memory and Mindset Jill Griffin Coaching

Often my clients will ask me how to use their emotions to their advantage. One way to do this is through scent. As a Career Coach AND a Clinical Aromatherapist, I’ve been using scent effectively for years.

Shhhhh, I used to distill my formulations in my corporate office.

Everyone wanted to know why it always smelled so good.

They often asked if they could stay in my office and hang. Yup. Sure can.

Aroma transports us. Scents can shift us.

A scent memory can bring us back to a cherished experience.

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Feel bad at work? Ditch the overconsumption, focus on mindset.

Woman over-consuming feeling bad about career

Careers are 50/50. Life is 50/50. It’s normal to cycle through both good and bad feelings. So many of my clients tell me they’ve spent years forcing themselves to be and stay happy. They have a great career. A strong resumé. They feel they shouldn’t complain. But they let ambition turn to expectancy and resent…

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How to Achieve More at Work with Your Feelings

Woman sitting at computer working - how to achieve more Jill Griffin Coaching

One of the best tools you can use to achieve more at work is to plan how you want to feel while achieving your goal. Wait. Before you stop reading and think this is too woo-woo, hold on and hear me out.  Paying attention to how you feel means that at any time you can…

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