Some Days Suck – What to Do About Them

what to do when your day sucks

Some days suck. They just do.  Some days, I want to shut down the Zoom Camera.  In the Before Times, I definitely used the bathroom stall as a fort to shield my emotion. We’ve all been there.  Our chest tightens.  Or we start to sweat.  Or we feel a heavy sensation in our stomach.   And…

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Taking Action and Failure: are both interconnected?

taking action

Taking action and failure – are those going hand-in-hand? Most of us have heard the Silicon Valley mantra of Fail Fast.  I agree. Taking action is a process of anticipating challenges and being willing to fail.  Take more action.  Fail again. Until you hit your goals.  Failure isn’t a destination.  It’s a bump along the…

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How to Use Feelings to Advance Your Career

Feelings as Fuel - Match on fire - Jill Griffin Coaching

So often when I ask my clients how they want to feel, they look at me like I’m crazy and they don’t know what to say. How often do people asking you directly about your feelings, after all? They are experts at thinking. They are newbies at feeling. Paying attention to how you feel means…

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The Struggle Bus: Relief through meditation


The struggle bus. I used to struggle with the hustle. I used to find ways to MAKE it HAPPEN. It was exhausting. My relationships were strained. I was told I was controlling and bossy. It was all true. And none of it was working for me. I had the title, the awards, the accomplished resume.…

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