There is a gap in career coaching services.

There is a gap in career coaching services – Jill Griffin Coaching

Many career services focus on one half of the problem. They either focus on mindset or getting into action.  I believe without investigating your mind you will not make sustainable changes to propel you into action. And without action, we don’t grow and achieve our results. Both sides need to be addressed. My work teaches…

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No is an opportunity (yes, it is)

No is an opportunity. No is The End.  No is the beginning, according to TS Elliot.   I love all of these explanations.    No is The End has a completion to it. It’s final. And in that finality, we are now propelled to a beginning.   No is the beginning. I get a chance to really…

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Brilliant question: So what are you making this mean?

brilliant question

Early on in my career, a mentor taught me a simple yet brilliant question ‘so what are you making this mean?’ The message was clear. Decide what is significant. Provide context and what you believe is the path forward in a situation.  Fast forward to today, and I find it amusing that I now ask…

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