Do you want success or sustainability

Here’s a brain twist for you: Are you trying to be a success? 

Or are you trying to build a sustainable career? 

These two are not necessarily mutually exclusive, but…

Only one requires failure, learning, building resilience, and delivers success from a place of knowing. 

The other offers a high, but there may be a lack of clarity on how you created the success. 

Often in our careers, we are seeking success. 

If you want to have sustainable success, you are going to have to risk being a failure. 

When we succeed, we tend to move on quickly, maybe even celebrate. 

When we fail, and we get curious, we investigate what worked, what didn’t. 

We pause and look at things differently. We wallow. 

If we don’t work through our thoughts and feelings, we don’t progress. We stay stagnant.

To have a sustainable career, we have to try all the things that won’t work to get to the things that will work. 

Many of my clients tell me how they are reading, watching, studying, and learning to figure out what to do. 

They are mistaking consuming content as taking action. 

Consuming is safe. There are no risks. You may even be hiding. I get it. I’ve hid too. 

I’d rather create and fail than consume and stay safe.

Action means creation. Experimentation. Failure. 

Success can be a high. 

But today, I seek sustainability. I built a sustainable career by looking at what worked, what didn’t, and what I would do differently. 

I investigated every drama thought and fear that popped into my head. I coached myself and got coached to make sure my fears don’t stop my growth. 

I got uncomfortable. And I got massive growth. 

I don’t have crazy highs or wicked lows. I learned how to manage my mind from anywhere in any situation. And I learned how to fail gracefully. 

That’s how you build a sustainable and financially rewarding career. 

Healing starts. Careers advance. Life opens up. It’s all possible. 

If you are interested in learning how to create a sustainable career, I can help you achieve any result you want in your Career…and life. 

It’s all possible. Schedule a free consultation where we will dig into your goals and what’s possible.