Success expectancy sucks

Have you ever thought about success expectancy?

Do you have expectations of how your success should look? 

When you see others around you achieving their goals, you want to be happy for them, but there’s a small part of you that can’t help but wonder where your share of success is? 

When you are working and hustling, it can be hard to see your progress. 

Wondering about your success from a place of comparison and expectancy can cloud your thinking. 

And, expectations usually lead to future resentments. Good times. 

The falsity that your efforts are not working and contributing towards your success is a thought error because you have an expectancy of how success should be. 

You want your triumphs to look like theirs. 

That’s a common thought, but it’s whacked. It will never look like someone else’s success because you are not your peers.  

Instead of kicking your butt and spinning in crappy thinking, rethink success. 

Grab a pen. Get a journal. And ask yourself:

How do I want my success to look?

What do I think should be happening? 

What stories am I creating about my peers?

Then get real about the facts of your career. 

Note your victories. This can be a massive win like a successful product launch or a small success like you showed up every day with grace and excellence. 

Where have you shown grit and tenacity?

What are you most proud of?

Decide what you want to think about your facts and use your peers’ success as fuel for your own. Not from a gross place but from a mindset that they are a living example of what’s possible. 

What’s possible for you? How will it look? How will you feel the day after you accomplish your goal? 

Spend your time thinking about these questions and get excited about what’s possible for you without the expectation of your success, looking like everyone else’s. 

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