Stop Making Others Wrong

He’s wrong. 
I can’t believe he thinks that!
But he does. 
And he’s entitled to think whatever he wants.
But we gather facts. Evidence. To prove we’re right. 
What if we are both right? And both wrong?

When I have an intolerance for others’ viewpoints and opinions, it’s a signal that I have work to do. This intolerance is what wreaks havoc on workplace culture. This need to be right is what costs relationships – – both professional and personal. 

I ask myself, how can I stay present and connected without vilifying him?
How can I listen without prejudging or waiting for the pause to get my opinion stated?

When we can listen, we can hear and respect other’s opinions. We don’t have to agree with it. We certainly don’t have to condone it. 

When we realize entirely that our thoughts are creating our feelings, we can then really understand that we can be content and aligned right now, even if we don’t agree with others. 

I don’t have to further conflict by imposing my viewpoint as right and making the other person wrong. Authority and clout are earned when you give respect to others. 

This is how we change workplace culture. 

This is how we support employee wellness. 

We respect people and don’t make others wrong even if you disagree. 

Healing starts. Careers advance. Life opens up. It’s all possible.

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