Why you need to build a self-concept

My mentor asked me what is my self-concept? 

Then she suggested that I make it outrageous. 

A self-concept is the way I see the world interacting with me AND the way I interact with the world. 

What do you want to be, do, and have? 

What is your dream career? 

What impact do you want to make on your industry? 

What problem do you want to solve? 

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

How do you see the world interacting with you? 

How do you see people responding to you and your ideas?

(Hint: it’s your self-concept so you get to choose and create it)

Based on what you want to create in 3 years, 10 years, and beyond, how do you need to show up today? 

If 1% of you believed it was possible, what would change? 

If this thought doesn’t make you want to throw up, you’re playing small. 

When your palms sweat and you are slightly nauseous your self-concept is big enough. 

You want to shoot for a big self-concept because as a wise person once said, when you shoot for the moon and miss, you’ll land among the stars. 

Have fun with these thoughts. Play. Get a notebook and dream. You have nothing to lose. 

Healing starts. Careers advance. Life opens up. It’s all possible. 

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