How scent can help your mindset: the power of scent memory

Often my clients will ask me how to use their emotions to their advantage.  One way to do this is through scent. As a Career Coach AND a Clinical Aromatherapist, I’ve been using scent effectively for years. 

Shhhhh, I used to distill my formulations in my corporate office. 

Everyone wanted to know why it always smelled so good. 

They often asked if they could stay in my office and hang. Yup. Sure can. 

Aroma transports us. Scents can shift us. 

A scent memory can bring us back to a cherished experience. 

It’s like taking the express bus to emotion. It’s a memory map. 

Your grandmother’s cooking. 

A beach towel from last weekend’s vacation. 

The lilacs you brushed by on a summer day. 

Recall the smell and the pleasant memories.

Pause and connect with that emotion. 

Then use those feelings to create the experience I want. 

This isn’t woo-woo. There’s tons of data on how scent and olfaction creates a scent memory and can shift emotions. 

I use aroma for creation. I’ve had new business teams ask me to create a scent for the atmosphere of a pitch.  

Can’t recall a scent memory? Create one. Smell something that appeals to you while you are thinking about something you love. An orange. A favorite flower. Your Dad’s cologne. Incense.

Once you feel good, use scent as a superpower for creation.

The next time you want to create, allow the smell or the memory to flow through you, propel you and motivate you. 

So to recap. 

Scent can conjure up memories that bring emotions to the surface.

Now that you feel that emotion go, use it for good. 

Create. Dream. Experience. 

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