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Goal Setting is About Who You Get to Become

Goal Setting is About Who You Get to Become

May 18, 2020

I understand we are in extraordinary times. Have you set extraordinary goals?  The process for setting and achieving goals was always about the objective and the key result. Coming from corporate it was known as an OKR. This concept was created by John Doer of Google fame in his book Measure what Matters and while it’s an…

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Hand holding a tin that says "Let's Get Away" in the forest - Holiday Weekends - Jill Griffin Coaching

Holiday Weekends and the Great Escape

May 11, 2020

Holiday weekends.  The extra day off… the long weekend of fun, a few days away to explore a nearby city, or experience the Americana of a beachside town. Sounds delightful, right? I rarely got to feel the delight. I lived my life in day counts. For me, it was always a countdown between today and my next…

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Empty shelves in grocery store with sign - scarcity mindset - Jill Griffin Coaching

3 Steps to Shake the Scarcity Mindset: a Writing Exercise

May 4, 2020

Scarcity thinking sucks. Scarcity eats joy, exhausts us, and puts us in a constant state of lack. A scarcity mindset a bugger of an emotion that can easily pop up if you aren’t working your mind. The need to win or the fear of losing are both forms of lack or scarcity.  Have you ever achieved a…

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