Podcast Episode 48: Getting Fired, Processing Workplace Drama, and Finding Career Joy Again

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Listen in on this conversation between Jill Griffin, Career Strategist and Executive Coach and Vicki Bradley, CEP and Founder of Women in Leadership. In this powerful conversation they discuss getting fired, how to process workplace trauma, and finding career joy again. In this episode you’ll hear how to: 

  • Recover from being fired and not be a victim
  • Find clarity and compassion as the first step to career success and wellbeing after being fired
  • Stop hiding, take your power back and fully integrate your experience
  • Tap into Mindset tips to create the results you want 
  • Shift thinking from impossible to possible 
  • Why my brain injury was the greatest gift I never asked for

I often ask myself, how do I want to train my brain to create the results that I want? Getting really certain about the thoughts that I want to be practicing regularly, the thoughts that I believe already and affirming them.

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