Podcast Episode 47: Greatest Hits Episode – How to Use Your Strengths To Up-Level Your Career

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Looking to future-proof your career? Then knowing how to articulate your strengths is the fastest way to up-level and differentiate yourself. In this episode we’ll discuss: 

  • The power of amplifying your professional strengths
  • How to leverage them in your current role, resume, and in your LinkedIn profiles
  • Why improving your weaknesses never delivers the ROI
  • Why knowing your strengths provides clarity, direction, and increases confidence 

Joining my career strengths group coaching program you’ll know how to create and leverage your thoughts and feelings to accomplish your goals and confidently know how to approach opportunities.

Mentioned on the show: 

Amplify Your Strengths Group Coaching Program

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Read the Transcript

Hey friends, 

As the year winds down I am bringing you one of my most popular podcasts – a greatest hits It’s how to up level your career by leveraging your strengths. 

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients helping them to amplify their strengths. The results? 
They Got clarity on their next strategic career move
They knew how to create and tell their unique career story?
They began to lean into their strengths and then set and achieve goals to perform at a higher level
They found themselves able to network authentically and speak to a potential employer to land the job offer and break through to the next level
Ready for some numbers? These are self reported..Over the last few years 
77% of clients got a new job
87% got a raise at the average of 40%
80% got promotions

I am telling you this because I am launching a career strengths group coaching program that will help you 
You’ll know your strengths, values, motivating skills, career interests, AND the ability to articulate them effectively.
You’ll learn how to leverage your strengths in any situation.
You’ll choose your career purpose and begin to design what’s next for your career.
You’ll have keywords and phrases to describe yourself effectively and with certainty.
You’ll know how to create and leverage your thoughts and feelings to accomplish your goals.
You’ll confidently know how to approach opportunities.
You’ll learn how to stop self-sabotage.
Your career wellbeing will improve and uplift all areas of your life.
I’ll put the link to get on the list for more information in the show notes. 

Alright friends, give a listen to this best of and gain pro tips on how to up-level your career. 

Have a great week and I will see you next time.