Podcast Episode 37: How performance-based coaching and mindset helped me recover from a traumatic brain injury

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This week I am sharing a small part of my personal journey and how I went from a high functioning professional, to an invisible disability, to rebuilding my career through performance based coaching and mindset. In this episode you’ll hear how I: 

  • Moved from impossible to possible after a TBI.
  • Managed my mind after a traumatic brain industry so I could show up for my life and my career.
  • Worked through belief and doubt so I could move forward in a new professional reality. 
  • Leverage my strengths to create what’s next for my career. 

I can’t unbreak what I broke in my head, but I can move forward from this new place of acceptance and infinite possibility.

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This episode is from the Doctor Me First Podcast with Dr. Errin Weisman