No is an opportunity (yes, it is)

No is an opportunity.

No is The End. 

No is the beginning, according to TS Elliot.  

I love all of these explanations.   

No is The End has a completion to it. It’s final. And in that finality, we are now propelled to a beginning.  

No is the beginning. I get a chance to really listen to others and understand where someone is coming from in their No. I get to keep showing up and to learn from my past choices and my mistakes. 

No is just an opportunity. I may not accept the no, and therein lies the opportunity. I get to slow down, look at the data, and my results, and decide where to go next. No is a possibility. 

No can be pretty life-changing. The No’s in my career resulted in my most significant growth. 

Listen, I am not claiming I knew it was an opportunity at the moment. At the moment, it sucked. 

I got coached. 

And eventually figured out that I get to choose how I want to think about a situation. 

I get to separate and outline the facts. The situation is always neutral. 

It’s my thoughts around the facts that makes the No suck. 

That’s where the magic lies—the ability to change our minds. 

Where has No taken you in your career? 

Thought work. Healing starts. Life opens up. Careers Advance. It’s all possible.​

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