Is Your Thinking Impacting Your Career?

I thought I was settling in my career. Then I realized I just had a lot of unproductive and negative thinking. One big thought error loop.

Signs I had a thought error loop of negative thinking:

✔️I was focusing more on the time and energy I invested in an endeavor rather than the appreciation for the experience and skills I received – who I got to meet, and whom I got to become. 

✔️I was always bargaining with myself about what else I could get in exchange for the effort, rather than feeling gratitude for what I already had.

✔️On Sunday night, I had to work myself into a state of excitement rather than finding ways to enjoy the experience, AND being curious about what was possible. 

The job wasn’t the problem. 

My thoughts were the problem.

My patterns and habits were coming with me.

Wherever you go there you are. 

This was the training ground for my next chapter. 

So, I worked on my mindset.

Then I looked at my thoughts. I wrote down what feelings my thoughts were creating for me and figured out when I take action from those negative feelings that shows up in my results. I had to work to find new thoughts that I could actually believe – not just mantras to convince myself of new thoughts.

Listen, get to a place of neutrality before thinking about leaving your job.

And if you choose to leave, at least you’re coming from grace and excellence. Not hair on fire. You got this. Or reach out to me if you don’t.

I spent 14 years studying everything about the mind and our thoughts. I can help you fix the problem faster. With less drama and struggle.

Mindset work. Life opens up. Healing happens. Careers advance. It’s all possible.

If you want to dig in and look at your thinking, the next step is to schedule a consultation with me where we dig into your current mindset and discuss the path to your goals. Schedule a free consultation here.