Trading your labor for love totally sucks

It seems innocent. Pure. You just want them to love and praise your work. 

Because after all, your work is a reflection of you, right? 

You may not even realize the imbalance you’ve created.

When you trade your labor for love, or a compliment it’s like a drug. 

You need it after each deliverable. But it doesn’t always come. 

But when you trade your labor for love you mostly come up short. 

It can be incredibly painful. Is my work good enough? Am I good enough?

You love your work. You want to over-deliver. 

You want to please the boss. 

Surprise and delight the client. 

You work harder, longer hours. 

You are pleased with your output. 

You’re tired. Maybe close to burn-out. 

You wait and hope for the appreciation, the compliments, the acknowledgement. 

And the compliments don’t always come. 

But humans are messy. Even if they mean well, they have human lives and stressful days. 

Your appreciation has to come from within. You have to give it to yourself. 

You get to control your thoughts about you – don’t let someone else’s day determine if you get a compliment or not.  

Here’s what to do instead. 

  1. Keep a running list of all your accomplishments. 
  2. Sit and choose how you want to think about each one. 
  3. Take a victory lap. 
  4. Think about how you want to feel when you deliver the goods. 

Accomplished? Proud? Confident? Inspired? Appreciative? 

Stay there. 

Give that to yourself. 

You get to choose how you want to think and feel about you. 

And when the compliments eventually come, those expressions will be nice but not needed. 

Because you already gave the love and support you need to yourself. 

Mindset shifts. Careers advance. Life opens up. It’s all possible.⁣⁣

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