Impossible is Temporary

In order to achieve anything you have to believe it first, and start becoming aware of your limiting beliefs. There are 3 phases of belief.  

  1. impossible
  2. possible
  3. probable

Old beliefs don’t flip to new beliefs by themselves. It takes finding a believable thought, deciding how you want to feel ahead of time about that thought, and practicing the thought multiple times a day.

Start by asking yourself, what if? Or say to yourself that it’s possible that..

It’s possible I can be promoted.

It’s possible that I can get that job I want.

How do you feel when you think those new ‘possible‘ thoughts?

Take action from that place of feeling. Not from limiting beliefs.

Results don’t just happen to you—goals are a way of deciding what you want to think, how you want to feel when you have already achieved that goal, and bringing the future feeling into the present as if it was already DONE. Then take action from that done feeling. 

Feel the possibility and eventually the probability of the goal. 

Goal creation is so fun. I create the results with my mind. This isn’t woo-woo. It’s physics. Like attracts like. 

You learn how to pay attention to your own mind and that will allow you to continue to set and create goals.

It’s not only what you get from achieving the goal; it’s who you get to become.

 And un-become.

Anything is possible. Impossibility is temporary.

Healing starts.

Careers advance.

Life opens up.

It’s all possible.

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