How to Develop Your Time Management Skills

I didn’t always plan my week. I didn’t excel in time management. As a corporate employee it seemed IMPOSSIBLE to have control over my day. 

I didn’t start the day with any thoughtful intentions. First thing I did was watch or listen to the News, scroll through social media, and quickly review email. 

I let all those sources tell me the kind of day I was going to have instead of choosing with intention how I wanted to start the day. 

I decided to choose how my day was going to do before the world told me how my day would go. 

I decided to learn time management.

I now started with meditation and doing thought work. 

I intentionally reviewed my day and thought about how I intentionally wanted to show up. 

I would think “who needs me on my A-game today?” or “what projects are my top priority?”

I’d also gave some thought to situations that might throw me off my game, or stress me out. I got to think in advance how I would show up and I would deal with the challenge in grace and excellence. 

I began to think about the feelings I wanted to hold close throughout the day. 

I began to look at my calendar on Sunday night and I blocked off time for strategy writing, email correspondence, and vendor meetings. Sure, these calendar blocks sometimes had to move, but often I was able to honor some of the time.  

Most importantly I got to choose how I wanted to feel and think on purpose. It really is all a choice. Choose your thoughts and intentions before someone else tells you how to feel. 

Life opens up. Healing happens. Careers advance. It’s all possible.

If you are looking for both support and stretch to achieve your goals I can help.