How to Change Your Mindset

Mindset is powerful.

There is so much opportunity in this company. 
I gotta get out of this place. 

Any of these thoughts sound familiar? 

What if both statements are true?

A statement can be true and so can the opposite. 

I show my clients how to increase their paradox tolerance. 

Because we can hold two contradictory thoughts in our head at the same time. 

We can eliminate the confusion. 

We increase our tolerance to the paradox, we eliminate the either, or, mindset. 

We become open to yes…and..what else is also possible.  

Your mind will freak out. Ha! 

So what?

Which statement feels more challenging?

What if you leaned into the more challenging thought?

What actions would you take? 

What thoughts would you have? 

Make a decision. 

Choose your mindset from a place of calm confidence.

And be willing to pivot if you get more information. 

This is how we grow and become more resilient. 

This is how we achieve our goals. 

Certainty is an illusion. 

This is how we build a mindful career and life.

If you are unsure of how to make a change in your mind, I can help. Schedule a free consultation where we will dig into your goals and what’s possible.