How to get the results you want in your career

How do you create a change in your career when you are frustrated by lack of results? 

If you believe change is hard, you take the focus off yourself and your actions, and thus your career. 

You spin. Overthink. You get advice by committee. 

And you beat yourself up based on your results.

The change isn’t about the ACTION. This is NOT 10 Steps to positive thinking. It’s your thoughts that are holding you back.

Here’s what to do instead. Get curious about your thoughts and set a realistic plan. One that you can achieve. Baby steps are okay.

Then you practice the plan. See what works. And what doesn’t. You tweak the plan again. 

Notice how you talk to yourself when you follow the plan and when you don’t follow the plan. 

If you can only be nice to yourself when you follow the plan, that’s juicy. That’s where your work is.  

It’s not about perfectionism. That’s just another way to avoid your thoughts and delay action. 

It’s about changing how you talk to yourself regardless of the circumstances. 

Friend, the work is your thoughts. Not your actions. 

You get to be aware of things you say in passing to yourself. Be the watcher of your mind. 

 You got this.

Healing starts. Careers advance. Life opens up. It’s all possible. If you are interested in learning how to take action and achieve your goals, I can help. Schedule a free consultation HERE where we will dig into your goals and what’s possible.