4 Steps to Cure the Imposter syndrome

My clients are achievers, but that doesn’t stop them from doubting their skills and being influenced by imposter syndrome.

Some think everyone else is smarter.

Others got the job but feared losing it because they are not qualified, and they’ll be ‘found out.’ 

Still, others have crippling anxiety every time they have to face a new professional challenge. 

Imposter syndrome or imposter experience, is being afraid that you will be exposed as an imposter or a fraud. 

It’s an identity crisis. 

Because you earned it (the job, the position, the opportunity), but now you don’t know how to HAVE it.  

So we sabotage it through doubt, compare and despair, 

We let unhelpful thoughts run the show. We believe in fear-based thoughts. 

We lose the capacity for joy. There’s no pride at the accomplishment. Our brains will tell us we are not enough, incapable, not deserving, none of this is true. We want to get away from the encounter. We’re on to the next one. We never fully experience the reward of our accomplishments. This thinking further sinks us into full fraud syndrome. 

If not dealt with properly, the imposter syndrome can prevent us from being productive at our jobs as it creates a thought error. A mind trick that prohibits us from realizing our goals. 

So how do we fix it? It’s not by positive thinking or avoiding the feeling. It’s most certainly not having your friend tell you that you are fantastic. 

Try this instead: 
1) Sit with it. Feel what it’s like to be in the accomplishment. 
2) Determine what you are thinking about yourself and the accomplishment. 
3) Spend some time brainstorming your intentional or goal thought–what you want to believe instead. 
4) Finally, if the intentional thought feels like too far of a stretch, then wiggle off of it and come up with a possibility. It’s possible that…I may be really good at my job. 

Practice. Every. Day. 

These steps are the skill of allowing. The skill of being in abundance. It’s the only antidote for the imposter syndrome. 

Healing starts. Careers advance. Life opens up. It’s all possible.

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