How to Be Unstoppable

Some days I think I’m unstoppable. 

It’s like magic. 

My heart feels open, expansive and I have so much appreciation for everything I’ve experienced. 

Then, because my brain can be a jerk, I think that the ‘shoe is going to drop’ and I brace myself  for the emotional crash. 

I’ve learned it’s not IF I fall into disbelief, but WHEN. 

When I can accept that there’s a belief and doubt cycle, I’m prepared for it. 

And I can support my brain by realizing these are just thoughts. 

Just sentences. Just words. 

None of it is true unless I choose to believe it (which still doesn’t make it true 😂). 

Becoming the watcher of my brain has changed my life. 

I can experience crappy thoughts and feelings and get through them. 

I’m less anxious. Less fearful. 

I increase my risk tolerance. 

I only fail if I quit. 

This is how I created a successful career, and life. 

Then I can get back to being unstoppable. 

Which is my favorite place to be. 

Healing starts. Careers advance. Life opens up. It’s all possible. 

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