How to Achieve More at Work with Your Feelings

One of the best tools you can use to achieve more at work is to plan how you want to feel while achieving your goal. Wait. Before you stop reading and think this is too woo-woo, hold on and hear me out. 

Paying attention to how you feel means that at any time you can change the fuel that is motivating your actions. 

I used to hate to feel emotion and prided myself in being emotionless and was so closed off that I feared that my emotions would be used against me. I didn’t realize that burying my emotions also meant that I was unable to use my emotions as fuel and as power for my goals. It also led to numbing myself out.

Everything we do, every action we take is because of what we want to feel or avoid. Feelings propel you. Feelings inspire you to take action and accomplish more with less resistance and effort.

When you learn how to feel emotions as a skill, you can conjure them up to use as tools and create whatever it is you want in your life.  

And…bonus, when you learn how to feel emotions, you then realize that the worst thing that can happen in life is that you feel an emotion. Very metta. 

Feelings Defined

What is a feeling or an emotion? It’s a vibration in your body that is caused by a thought: Yup, that simple. 

Emotions start in the head as a thought and go to the body–I’m confident and now have a sensation of ease throughout my body. 

Feelings are kindling for our goals. We need to be super careful with how we stoke the fire 🙂

How do you rally yourself for the new business pitch? How about feeling confident while closing out the quarterly sales? Or how about recovering from an account loss? 

How you choose to feel about your failure propels what you do next. 

How to use feelings to create your goals and achieve them

The way we learn to accomplish more at work is to think about how we will feel when we’ve completed the current tasks. Use that emotion to juice your work.

My background working with both Fortune 500 and Start-Ups included a precise way of working to achieve goals. And none of it had anything to do with feeling emotions. OKRs anyone?

Goals were about proving the action, reviewing results, and evaluating the performance. And by the time I achieved the goal, I often wanted to crawl into bed for the whole weekend. 

I was burnt out and exhausted. I was hustling, striving, and almost forcing the goal forward. And I couldn’t feel a thing beyond exhaustion. Ooof. 

Doing inner mindset work, I eventually began to accept my thoughts and feelings as normal. I also learned to accomplish goals from a place of feeling. Howdo I want to feel when working to achieve this goal? I didn’t want to be coming from a place of anxiety or forced hustle anymore. I wanted to come from inspiration, determination, confidence, and ease. 

This meant that I no longer ran on auto-pilot. I now had to think ahead of time, how do I want to feel, and what thought will generate that feeling so I can accomplish it? 

Our thinking creates all of our results. Stay with me. We can learn to feel our way toward our goals. Thoughts create feelings. Feelings create actions. Actions create our results. 

That upcoming new business pitch; what message do you want to convey? The final stretch of the quarter’s sales goals; how do you want to close the sale? Don’t just go through the motions. Think and feel with intention. 

The Roadmap

What we think creates our feelings. Our feelings create actions and ultimately results. Yes, you read this above and I am repeating myself but it’s vital to let this sink in. 

When we can think about how we want to feel, fully embrace the feeling, and then act on purpose, we achieve goals without the hustle-energy and burn-out. 

We are no longer exhausted and resistant; we’re not Salmon exerting ourselves and our will. We are floating down stream with ease. 

We get to come from our chosen emotion and accomplish goals from the place of excellence and grace. 

It’s vital to understand these concepts to accomplish anything in life.

When we are planning, we may need to feel certain, confident, and committed

When we are taking action, we may need to feel disciplined, energized, and competent

My favorite emotions to create goals are: focused, certainty, inspired, confident, and strong. 

I practice these feelings so that I get better at feeling them on purpose and using them to power my goals. 

Here’s what I found works for me to feel on purpose so I can accomplish more. Start with one emotion. 

Let’s say you want to feel certainty as you embark on that upcoming new business pitch. These are the simple simple steps that have helped me accomplish more: 

  1. Feel the emotion
  2. Look for things to be certain about. 
  3. What does certainty feel like in your body? Grounded? Calm? Expansiveness?
  4. What thoughts create certainty for you?  
  5. Practice. Stay committed to the emotion and the feeling. 

Emotions are the gateway to your future goals. Thinking and feeling on purpose will help you master emotions and use them to fuel your growth. And, you’ll see that you’re emotions will not be used against you but rather for you. Life opens up. Anything is possible.

This is one of the tools I use with my clients to help them create massive results. If you need help in tapping into to emotions to accomplish more at work, I can help. Schedule a free consultation here.