Hope Requires Action

Hope requires action. Action is what moves you forward.

I hope I get the job.

Hope I’m up for the promotion. 

I hope I get a raise. 

The feeling of hope is pretty useless. 

Hope doesn’t serve you. 

It doesn’t require action

Hope keeps us in our thoughts about our professional circumstances – waiting for something to happen rather than creating what we want for our careers. 

It does not require commitment. 

Hope does not challenge us to change our careers. 

Instead of hoping to get the job you want GO and GET it. Or CREATE it. Take ACTION. 

That’s how you build confidence. 

It’s how you strengthen commitment. 

And you learn how to work through obstacles.

And when you’ve done all that, don’t be surprised when you ‘get it.’

Healing starts. Life opens up. Careers Advance. It’s all possible. 

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