Holiday Weekends and the Great Escape

Holiday weekends. 

The extra day off… the long weekend of fun, a few days away to explore a nearby city, or experience the Americana of a beachside town.

Sounds delightful, right?

I rarely got to feel the delight.

I lived my life in day counts.

For me, it was always a countdown between today and my next day off.

I always needed an escape from the workload, the matrix corporate environment, the stress, my thoughts.

It was impossible to be present and enjoy the everyday extraordinary because I rarely saw it.

I was either stressed or numb. I was always looking to escape, to get away from the life I chose. The life I created.

It’s normal to be excited about an upcoming holiday.

The fun of planning where you’ll go, who you do it with, and the memories you’ll create…

The feelings of anticipation and joy allow us to experience connection and humanity.

But my need for escape came from deep sadnesses. Holiday Weekends from my feelings.

And because I had no notion that my thoughts were causing my feelings, I just looked toward the next escape to fix myself.

I had no clue how to process emotions, and my escape weekends resulted in OVER doing, OVER consumption, OVER tired.

I was a hot mess who knew how to dress.

By the Grace, I started to wonder how to create a life I didn’t have to escape from.

But merely switching one circumstance for another didn’t change my thoughts or remove my sadness.

I began to learn that my thinking was the root cause of everything I was feeling.

Being curious about my emotions helped me see the thoughts they were connected too–all that junk in my head. 

I learned that my thoughts created my results.

So how did I change it?

I spent the last 14 years devouring everything I could get my hands on around the mind, thoughts, meditation, and success. I read autobiographies of people I admired and looked for common themes.

In one form or another, they all said the same thing that your thoughts create your reality.

I began to take these new ideas and apply them to my everyday life.

The shift wasn’t overnight, but in a few short weeks, cracks of light started to shine in. 

Healing began.

My sadness started to shift.

And I started to have faith that I can have a different life without actually changing my life.

I had created a beautiful life, a great career, and an outstanding Network. 

I no longer had to escape.

Now the idea of holidays and vacation is because I want to, not because I’m graspy and need too.

Life opens up. Healing happens. Careers advance. It’s all possible.

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