Here’s how to always know what to do

What should I do about… 
the job?
the client?
the project?
the opportunity?

Ever ask yourself that question?

Here’s how I always know what to do and it’s not because I know everything. 

Before I decide what to do, I decide how I want to feel while taking action.  

It’s not crazy. It’s how I create the results I want. 

Hang with me. 

Everything we do is because of how we want to feel or what feeling we want to avoid. 

Crazy, right? Feelings direct our actions. 

So deciding what to do based on how I want to feel creates the results I want. 

And what creates my feelings? My thoughts. 

Think. Feel. Act. 

Once I’m clear in how I want to think and feel, I then create the action. 

That’s how I always know what to do.

Healing starts. Careers advance. Life opens up. It’s all possible. 

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