Goal Setting is About Who You Get to Become

I understand we are in extraordinary times. Have you set extraordinary goals? 

The process for setting and achieving goals was always about the objective and the key result. Coming from corporate it was known as an OKR. This concept was created by John Doer of Google fame in his book Measure what Matters and while it’s an insightful book, it’s very Silicon Valley. Very analytical and it’s missing what many believe is at the heart of goal setting.

I confused the measurement of key results with accomplishing goals. It’s a very different energy. I was always striving and checking things off my list. Accomplishment! Check. Done. I was striving to get to an Ahhhhhhh destination. 

But as I learned, the steps to setting and accomplishing goals is a more connected, almost spiritual process that comes from abundance. 

When I set goals from a place of abundance, I found it was easier to stay the course. Setting goals from abundance you avoid the crazy treadmill of chasing happiness. 

Happiness comes from our thoughts, from what we are thinking now, achieving a future goal is not going to increase our capacity for happiness. 

The point of having goals is to grow and evolve as a person, not to achieve bliss. 

What I have learned is that setting and accomplishing goals helps in two powerful ways: 

  1. Achieving goals challenges me to remove obstacles and blocks. The more I work through, the more I accomplish as a person. 
  2. Setting and achieving goals Give me a Focus. Otherwise my party brain may take over and have me running around chasing dogs and looking for glitter.  

When you first think about a goal it may seem huge or unachievable. That thinking and dreaming process may bring up beliefs that are blocking us from our greatness. This is where the rich uncomfortable work is. 

Setting goals helps us evolve our thinking and while uncovering and tackling obstacles. 

We know our thoughts create our feelings, and our feelings drive our actions or results. 

Here’s the thing…

If we haven’t achieved our goal, it’s because our feelings are not where they need to be in order to accomplish the goal. 

We’d have already achieved the goal if our feelings were in line with our goal,

If you want to produce a lot of success in a short period of time you have to trade temporary discomfort with long term discomfort. 

But you either experience temporary discomfort now while working on your dreams, or long term discomfort when you don’t achieve your dreams.  

The key to accomplishing your goals is about getting uncomfortable on purpose. 

So I offer you a challenge today. Pick one goal you will focus on for 30 days. That goal should include something you will DO and something you can CREATE. 

It can lifestyle based like following your food and exercise plan or it can professionally based where you seek to Network with 3 new people over the next 30 days. Just pick something. 

 So make a commitment to yourself. 

  1. Get good with planning
  2. Get comfort with being uncomfortable 
  3. Take massive action

The goal has to be measurable. The goal must include:

  • A date
  • A goal – created and/or produced
  • A way of measuring success

Results don’t just happen to you—goals are a way of deciding what you want instead of letting your primitive brain drive the car without a license (or intent). 

You learn how to pay attention to your own mind and that will allow you to continue to set and create goals. 

It’s not what you get from achieving the goal; it’s who you get to become. 

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