How to Use Feelings to Advance Your Career

So often when I ask my clients how they want to feel, they look at me like I’m crazy and they don’t know what to say. How often do people asking you directly about your feelings, after all?

They are experts at thinking.

They are newbies at feeling.

Paying attention to how you feel means that at any time you can change the fuel that is motivating your actions. 

I used to hate to feel emotion.

I prided myself in being emotionless. I was so closed off that I feared that my emotions would be used against me.

I didn’t realize that burying my emotions also meant that I was unable to use my emotions as fuel and as power for my goals.

Everything we do, every action we take, is because of what we want to feel or to avoid our feelings.

Feelings propel you.

Feelings inspire you to take action and accomplish more with less resistance and effort.

Think about how you want to feel. Try to hold that feeling for a bit in your body. Then take action from that feeling.

What do you love? Can you conjure up that feeling of love? Can you hold it?

Then, wait for it, can you flip the switch on that feeling of love and direct it toward your current professional circumstance? That’s where the shift happens.

When you learn how to feel emotions as a skill, you can conjure them up to use as tools and create whatever it is you want in your life.

Healing starts.

Careers advance.

Life opens up.

It’s all possible.

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