Fear and excitement are the same thing.

When you experience fear, your brain instructs the body to increase your breathing and heart rate, dilate your pupils, and make your palms sweaty. Surprisingly though, when you feel excitement, the brain triggers the same physiological reaction.

Crazy, right?

So what’s different?

Your thoughts about the circumstance.

When you are feeling excited it’s because of your thoughts.

When you feel fear it’s also because of your thoughts.

To change your thoughts you must examine them.

Even the negative ones.⁣⁣

Awareness precedes change.

⁣⁣Make a decision to investigate your thoughts as part of your morning routine.

Allow space for for thought work and meditation.⁣⁣

This doesn’t mean you’ll have totally blissful days.

It simply means that being aware of your thoughts and feelings will enable you to change them over time.

When I made this change, my performance changed too.⁣⁣

I continued to get promoted.

And the money followed.

⁣⁣Find the way to work daily reflection into your day.⁣⁣

Examine what’s in your head and heart.

⁣⁣I promise you will start to see shifts pretty quickly.

⁣⁣And then you’ll be fully prepared for whatever this beautiful and crazy world throws at you.⁣⁣

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