Taking Action and Failure: are both interconnected?

Taking action and failure – are those going hand-in-hand?

Most of us have heard the Silicon Valley mantra of Fail Fast. 

I agree.

Taking action is a process of anticipating challenges and being willing to fail. 

Take more action. 

Fail again. Until you hit your goals. 

Failure isn’t a destination. 

It’s a bump along the journey. 

Many of my clients tell me how they are reading, watching, studying, and learning to figure out what to do.

They are mistaking consuming content as taking action. 

I help them with their mindset so they can take action.

Consuming is safe. There are no risks. You may even be hiding.

I get it. I’ve hid too. 

Action means creation. Experimentation. And failure.

But I’d rather create and fail than consume and stay safe. 

Keep your eyes on your goals. Keep striving. Failing. Achieving. 

The faster I fail, the fast I get to achieve my goals. 

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