Episode 98: Choosing your Word of the Year (with examples)

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Tired of resolutions that never stick? Move beyond resolutions and set intentions in 2023 by focusing on a word of the year. In this episode, I discuss: 

  • Why a Word of the Year helps you stay focused
  • How a Word of the Year can be connected to all of your goals
  • Examples of words that can power your year 

If resolutions feel like rules made to be broken, then selecting a word that fuels your intention might be the perfect guide and gentle reminder that helps you FEEL positive to take an ACTION.  

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Read The Transcript
Hi there, 
Welcome back to the podcast, I’m your host Jill Griffin. 

I hope you had a beautiful holiday season. This past holiday season was really different for me. And I loved it. My family is scattered all over the United States and we decide not to travel for Christmas this year. Both my husband and I are December birthdays and we decided to make the holiday season about experiences, not things. So we planned 2-3 events or things to do each week that brought us joy from going to the theater, and the ballet. We went to all of our favorite shops and restaurants and sprinkled experiences at different times of the day. We went to the NY Botanical Garden for the Holiday train show at 10a and had a late breakfast after. We went to places for afternoon tea, and then in the evenings we found live concerts and wandered around to find the craziest holiday decorations. Why am I telling you this in January? Because it was about setting intentions. My goal was Connections. Fun. Joy. Inspiration. And I choose a word for the holiday season that will carry me through 2023. My word is Magic. 

Now, why did I select a word? Well, you’ve probably heard me talk about January 1st thinking. The idea is that at midnight we are suddenly putting plans into action. And then carry them for the next 12 months. 

Friends, time is an illusion. It’s just a construct. Time only means what we make it mean. Jan 1st is as powerful and March 2 if we choose it to be. 

Let’s look at what happens with resolutions. Let me give you some math. 

Of those who make a New Year’s resolution, 
75% keep them after 1 week  

After 1 month, the number drops again to 64%. 

And after 6 months, 46% of people who make a resolution are still successful in keeping them. 

That means by June, for most people all bets are off? 

The concept of choosing a word of the year may be a better approach for you. If resolutions feel like rules made to be broken, then selecting a word that fuels your intention might be the perfect guide and gentle reminder that helps you FEEL positive to take an ACTION. 

Rember, everything we do is bc of how we want to feel or bc we want to avoid a feeling. 

When we start out on a goal we tend to be excited. Then life happens and we lose motivation. We lose motivation because we havent managed our thoughts along the way and we have forgotten that we need to stay motivated through all the milestones along the way to achieve the goal. 

I’ve found that choosing a word, empowers me. It reminds me of the positive the feeling I want when I go after my goals. It because a touchstone. A talisman. A reminder. 

So how to choose a word? 
First I would access last year. 

Make a list of wins and successes. What positive effects did these experiences have on your career and your life?

What did you do differently in 2022 – networked more/less, took risks, challenged your thinking, worked on your mindset, pushed yourself to get out of your comfort zone, expanded your professional visibility – what effects did it have on your career and life?

What were the setbacks and disappointments? Same here.  what effects did it have on your career and life?

Next What’s the goal for 2023?

I choose magic for my word because I want to be inspired and connected to source, god, the universe – all the things. I want to stay aligned to source or the universe. I want to make sure that I am reminding myself to connect into that power source. 

This way WHATEVER I do, what ever goal I go after in my business, from more corporate trainings, to professional speaking opportunities to working with private clients I want to make sure that I pause, connect in with my gut, my internal GPS and then let the magic happen all allow THIS or something better to happen

Next How will you measure the goal? (this can be an action, a result, a feeling, etc.  – measurement can be tangible or intangible).
What do you need to learn? 
What do you need to release?
What are the obstacles? 

Here are some words: 

Don’t over think this. You can’t have a wrong answer. If you need to, select a word for the quarter. Resolutions can put undo long-term pressure. It can feel like a to-do list and you probably already have a huge list in asana. So your word is about HOW and WHY you do what you do, not actually what you do. 

Here are places you can put your word: 
Place the word on your calendar at 6a so you see it daily
Create a phone alarm and put the word in the Label
Trust post-it notes- from your laptop screen, your mirror, or inside your kitchen pantry
One year my coach made me a necklace with my word from Studio Fran Jewelry @francescadora I’ll put the designer’s information in the show notes

And friends, not every tool is going to work for everyone – that’s why I am always sharing others’ ways to success. 
I chose a word, yes. I also then look across, my health, well-being, fitness, career, finances, relationships, spirituality, community and see how my word can fuel all of it. 
This is the work I do with clients. We get really clear on what they want to create. Based on their goals I coach their minds. And we work on removing obstacles. Then we get into action. Where I am supporting you and strategizing with you every step of the way. 
I was recently on my friend Keith Herndanez’s podcast, the Changeup and we joked about how I am a consigliere.  

I built my practice base on what I wanted and needed. What if I could run a business strategy or an approach to a difficult challenge by a person who can help me manage my mindset, see what I am not seeing and then refresh my approach? 

Just this morning I helped a client create a business strategy framework for first half 2023 and once we got the data and tactics down, we then looked at the mindset that would get in his way of achieving this goal. I’ve been there. And I can help you navigate your career, figure out your best path forward and create what you want. 

If this sounds like you, schedule a free consultation. Details are in the show notes and on my website. Jillgriffincoaching.com

Ok my friends, I appreciate you.