Episode 56: What to do when you lose your motivation

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What do you do when you can’t jump-start your motivation? I got you. In this episode, I’ll teach you: 

  1. How to find the sneaky thoughts that are sabotaging your motivation
  2. The simple steps to re-energize yourself
  3. How to reframe motivation to what’s really needed–decision and drive

If you are unmotivated, change your mindset. If that doesn’t work, change your routine. Or your schedule, or your goals. Sometimes it’s easiest to start with the thought, sometimes the action but find what works for you and go get it. 

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Read the Transcript
Hey friends, how’s it going for you? Today I am going to be talking about what to do when you lose your motivation. It happens to all of us at some point.

When you’re struggling with motivation, you’ll likely come up with a long list of reasons why you shouldn’t take any action. You might think, “It’ll be too hard,” or, “I’ll never get it done anyway.” 

I get asked these questions all the time
How do I take action?
How do I stay motivated? 
How do I set myself up for a better future? 

This is such an important question. You are normal to be asking them. It’s about mindset and action.
When you say “I just don’t feel motivated”. First, it’s important to remember that’s a thought and you can choose and change your thoughts.  And second, you are having that thought because the outcome you’ve envisioned, the result of your effort, you’ve decided is going to be hard, or not worth it. Perhaps you’ve just decided that it’s going to be such a struggle. Or not worth it. That’s why you are not motivated. 

Simply put you are envisioning a future you don’t want. 

I’m going to say that again. 

When you are lacking motivation it usually comes down to that you are thinking about what you don’t want in the future  – minutes or months away – more than what you do want in the future.  

Because you and know that when you want something, or you think that something is going to be great or an inspiring experience you rally. 

Even if you are tired and not feeling great. Because you dont want to miss out of something that you are envisioning to be worth it. 

You draw energy from the future you imagine. Imagine it being hard and You build it in your mind and then you worry and you stop taking action. 

No wonder its hard to motivate yourself. 

How many people do you know that willingly, and the keyword here is willingly, go into the heavy or the hard without a big payoff? 

Many still do it but they are not willing and they lack motivation. 

Or they get their motivation from fear – If i don’t do this I am going to lose my job, be fired. Motivation from fear has a very short fuse.  

According to psychologists, 85% of what you worry about doesn’t happen. 

Changing this thinking takes practice. 

You feel all these negative feelings. You are thinking negative thoughts. And then it makes sense why you don’t want to take action and enter the world you’ve just mentally created. 

Motivation is a feeling. And that means that it is connected to a thought. You want to spend time envisioning the future you want. 

The thoughts that give you energy. Thoughts like…I know I will feel accomplished when I add this to my resume…. Doing this work will help me build my experience so I can make that career pivot…. When I figure this out I will be able to position myself in a new way….You then take action from that energy. And you start to find the budding motivation. 

Sometimes its hard to change the thought. I get it so I am going to offer you to argue the opposite. Which leads me to the second way that we get demotivated

And that is that you believe everything you think. 
Try arguing the opposite. When you think you’re going to fail, argue all the reasons why you might succeed. Or when you think you can’t finish a job, list all the evidence that shows you’ll be able to complete the task. Find the evidence. 
Get some paper or your notes app and write down all the evidence that you have showing your brain that you’ve succeeded before and odds are you can succeed again.  

The next sneaky thought is that we go global and BIG on our thinking fast. And not in a good way. We think that this is going to be hard to accomplishment, we think about all the dependencies that may get triggered and go wrong, they our colleagues will judge us, our boss will give us a bad review and we’ll have to start looking for a job. And an apartment bc this ones too expensive for my next salary. 

Ok. I get it. It’s thought swirling around. One solve is to take itty bit steps
Can you ask yourself “Can I just…” this works well when the motivation you want is to exercise – if the idea of a 45 min workout feels overwhelming then ask yourself…can i just do 10 minutes. 

If you have a huge task in front of you, can you think about how great you will feel when you’ve chipped away at a portion of it. The point of can i just is how can you break down the task and make it snackable. Snackable makes it easier to think about the positive future you’ll experience one hour from now when you’ve chipped away at a portion of the work. 

Next, I want you to refresh your thinking around motivation which has the energy of PUSHING yourself to do something which even saying it feels hard. Versus when you feel driven ot pulled towards something 

You lose motivation when you don’t know your reasons for going after what you want. It’s knowing your why. 

You want the promotion, the job. The raise. But in order to get those things you need to have the drive or the pull to move you forward. 

You may need 25 whys. Because not every why is going to work for you every day. 

Spend time thinking about what drives you I am asking you to make a list of your whys. Dig my friend, Dig into the why behind the why. You think you want the raise. What you want is what the raise will do for you, your kids, your family. 

When the why is strong enough the how will reveal itself. 

Finally, ask yourself how do you find the drive or pull towards your future? 

You need Decision which is a committed thought and a committed action. 

AND a willingness to spend time visioning a future you want. 

That’s what’s going to propel you forward. What are some ways to shift towards the positive future you want? 
Listen to motivational or inspiring speakers. Find TEDTalks, there are great talks at MasterClass or You can do a search and find the voices that inspire and activate you. Some that come to minds Mel Robbins, no relation to Tony Robbins but he’s great too, Amy Purdy, Jim Rohm, Sara Buckley, Steve Harvey, Gretchen Rubin, Wayne Dyer, Daniel Pink has a great TEDTalk on motivation. Have you seen Tom Brady’s Man in the Arena on Hulu? I wish it was a podcast I could listen to on the go. It’s a must. Find someone that works for you to change your perspective
Daily thoughts work. You have to uncover what’s there. That’s what is going to drive you or drag you. If you are having thoughts that I’d classify as negative or fear-based feelings.. and if you don’t process them, they are going to stop you. 

Here’s what I mean, I am not necessarily talking about discussing the reason or the WHY behind the negative feelings although you can do that with your therapist if you want. 

I am talking about feeling the feeling. Feeling the suckiness.  You are so fearful of the feeling of failure, your shame, or judgment, or embarrassment that you let it stop you and de-motivate you. If sit with the feeling, the vibration in your body, it’s going to suck but it will pass and then you can move on. You can then tackle the future you want. 

Because you know what failure feels like and while you don’t welcome it, you now know you can get through it. Make sense? 

When I first launched my business, there were things that I knew I needed to do in order to drive revenue or create awareness. And some of the tactics I dreaded. I let it stop me for a day. I processed the discomfort and then got busy. I can let the discomfort stop me and then I am just left with discomfort. Or I can process the vibration and move through it which means, yeah, I felt it but I also was able to move towards the future I want. I got the results I wanted. I’m big on writing down – pen to paper because it incorporates the entire nervous system and change is more embodied. Writing down the sensations of fear – knot in my throat. Tension in my shoulders. Nervous stomach. We don’t this because we teach our brains how to process a feeling and that means little by little we are less fearful on how to process it next time. 

Jim Rohm says motivation is like a shower. You need to do it every day. 

When you feel a lack of motivation try any of these approaches. 

Get dressed. Move. If you are unmotivated, change your mindset. If that doesn’t work, change your routine. Or your schedule, or your goals. Sometimes it’s easiest to start with the thought, sometimes the action but find what works for you and go get it. 
Let me know what you think about motivation. I’d love to hear from you. 

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Alright, my friends. I appreciate you. Thanks for joining me this week. Until next time.

I want to break down the most common reasons I find that people lose their ent motivated. 
If you knew for sure it would work, would you take the action? 
That’s false hope. Really hope requires action.