Don’t Take The Bait: a reminder to stay the course

Fish Bait Necklace - Jill Griffin Coaching

Don’t take the bait

A few years ago I created the necklace above out of a fishing lure. 

I was struggling with the complexity of the corporate environment and I found that I was often getting triggered by circumstances. 

Sometimes I didn’t handle the situation well, and my reaction ended up creating more drama than the original circumstance. 

I so desperately wanted to do better; I didn’t wholly understand that my thoughts were creating my results. 

Previously, I heard about the concept of creating an anchor or a way to remind myself throughout the day of how I wanted to respond. 

I wanted to come from a place of creating my results versus being in reaction to someone or something else. 

So I created these necklaces as a reminder to “Don’t take the bait.”

They worked like a charm and also became a whimsical point of discussion. 

Wear a fishing lure in a bar and watch what happens 

Anyway, today my anchors can be a lock screen photo, an alarm on my phone, or a task my calendar. 

It’s anything to help me to stay my course and not fish upstream. 

It’s a reminder that if I am getting triggered, I need to investigate my thoughts and see how they are creating my feelings and results.

Don’t take the bait. 

Life opens up. Healing happens. Careers advance. It’s all possible.

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