Don’t bully your brain.

Don’t bully your brain.

You think you’d have less stress if you worked on a different account.  

Or maybe you’d have less anxiety if you changed jobs? 

You think finding another experience will change things. You think a different boss would make you feel better. 

Nothing will make you feel better until you learn to manage your mind.

I get it. Sometimes my brain is a jerk to me. But it’s just a cycle. Like high tide and low tide. 

Learning to manage my mind was the greatest gift I ever gave myself. 

It’s not a matter of if you get anxiety, it’s about knowing what to do when it arrives. 

Most days I can get myself out of anxiety faster than a NASCAR pitstop. 

Our brains are not wired for the risk it requires. We have to train our brain. 

Make a list of the feelings you experience when you are in anxiety vs. when you are happy. 

Keep the list close by. When you begin to think negative thoughts, review the list. 

Train your brain that you are just in a low tide cycle, nothing to see here. Don’t bully your brain.

I’m not saying you’ll bypass the sucky part, I’m just telling you when you notice that you’re in low tide, you can have complete faith that high tide is coming too. 

Awareness precedes change. 

Mindset shifts. Careers advance. Life opens up. It’s all possible.⁣⁣

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