The Art of Failure: Reframing your thinking for success

The Art of Failure. 

We are taught to seek success but we are not taught how to process failure. Failure is not spoken about in advance. It’s denied. Unacceptable. 

We tend to own failure in a different way. When we fail, we become ‘less than’, we may feel shame, or lose confidence. Instead of looking at what failed in our process or pursuit, we often label ourselves the failure, yet we are still the same person we were before the failure. 

Failure is simply the one less way ‘it’ will work. I can now think of other ways it will work, and try again. Reframing failure frees us to take risks and grow. If I told you that you had to go on 20 job interviews to find the perfect fit, would it matter in the end? Probably not. 

Failure is the Currency. Success is what you are buying

It’s all the reframe of our thinking. Failure isn’t the problem, our thoughts are the problem. I teach my clients how to move through failure with grace and excellence. 

Life opens up. Healing happens. Careers advance. It’s all possible.

I coach ambitious professionals who love and loathe their jobs how to rethink and reboot their careers. If you are looking for both support and stretch in helping you achieve your goals, I can help you. Schedule a free consultation. We’ll chat about where you are, where you want to go, and how I will help you get you there faster and with less pain and much less stress.