Are you micro-quitting and self-sabotaging your life?


It’s cunning.

Quitting is big.


Micro-quitting is stealthy.

It’s devious.

We don’t always see the subtle, quiet decisions we make.

It’s kinda passive-aggressive – but you are the passive aggressor to yourself.

You’re busy.

Probably stressed.

Definitely overwhelmed.

You are waiting for a clear shot of confidence. 

You choose not to show up.

You don’t take risks. 

You don’t have your own back.

You convince yourself this one time is no big deal.  

You play safe. You gather more data before moving forward. 

It’s subtle sabotage.

But on an itty bitty scale.

But when you add up all the micro-quits over your week, what are you creating for yourself?

What are you telling yourself?

If we are micro-quitting we definitely have some strong thoughts even if we don’t realize them.

What’s in your way?

Healing starts. Life opens up. Careers Advance. It’s all possible.

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